Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak Review

Tahiti Fish Hunt KayakThe Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak offers a great entry point for anyone looking to get into kayaking, let alone kayak fishing. Aimed at the beginner, it’s affordable price point and effective design make is stand out in what’s becoming a saturated market. Sevylor have been making top quality kayaks since 1963, and their expertise and experience in design have definitely shone through in their Tahiti Fish/Hunt model. Crafted from heavy duty 26-gauge PVC, the Tahiti gives great build quality and a fraction of the cost of others in it’s class. Comprising of two air chambers for added safety, specially designed inflatable seats sit across an I-Beam floor support giving the users comfort and stability in an economical fashion.

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Sevylor have put a lot of faith in their product. Using their patented ‘AirTight’ systems, Sevylor guarantee that their product will not leak. As well as this guarantee, they include two spray covers, to prevent water damage and have equipped the Tahiti with double lock valves to prevent accidental air loss.

The Tahiti is capable of carrying two people, or their equivalent of 400lbs. These means there is plenty of room for two passengers inside, or one passenger with a hefty amount of equipment. Although there are no dedicated holding areas, there is plenty of space to store your fishing equipment inside. The specially designed seats have high backrests, giving excellent comfort for the longer fishing outing. All this for an affordable $150, but is it cheap and cheerful, or just cheap?

Positives of the Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak

Aimed at the low end of the budget spectrum, I was expecting the Tahiti to be littered with faults, but I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. There is an awful lot right with these kayaks, which makes it an absolute steal at less than $150. For a start, it seems to have hit a sweet spot with the high backrests on the seats. This is usually neglected in an attempt to keep the weight down, but with inflatables weighing relatively little, its good to see the seats were not cheaped out on. The exceptional seats offer comfort for hours on end, without the annoyance of back ache and numbing of the legs.

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As with any inflatable, portability is a massive bonus. Compressing down to a size that can just be thrown in the trunk of your car is an exceptional design feat. The inclusion of double lock valves is a big plus when it comes to inflating the Tahiti, as you can rest assured that the craft is going to stay inflated on the water. Furthermore, the dual air chamber design offers that extra safety boost in the very rare instance of a puncture.

It’s often the case with inflatable kayaks, that covering any real distance is difficult, as they don’t track in a straight line. Where the Tahiti is by no means perfect, it has the potential to outclass its competitors with attachable skegs. The skegs fasten simply to the bottom of the craft, and help cut through the water to ensure smooth and swift transport across open water, albeit at an extra cost.

Finally, the craft is spacious enough to fit your gear in. Although it has no designated storage compartments, there is more than enough space to hold your rods, bait and lures behind the rear seat and at the front of the vessel. Each of these locations are within an arms reach, which is essential when it comes to efficient kayak fishing.

Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak Negatives

The Tahiti is definitely a cheerful kayak, where the positives outweigh the negatives by some distance. There are still some areas where the Tahiti leaves a little to be desired though. Where I understand that this is a budget kayak, the non-inclusion of a pump to actually inflate the kayak was a bit of a cheap shot. There’d be nothing worse than getting your brand new kayak down to the waters edge and realise that it’s going to take you all weekend to inflate it with your own breath.

Also, in a health and safety conscious world, the choice for a camo color scheme is confusing. You run the risk of blending with the water and vegetation, and although the kayak is rugged and sturdy, there’s no guaranteeing it will withstand a head on collision.

Finally, there are some tracking issues associated with inflatables, where it’s difficult to build up real speed, and often end up zigzagging across open water. Where Sevylor address with skeg attachments, it would be nice if they included it in the primary price.

Summary – Should you invest in the Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak?

In conclusion, the Tahiti is the perfect kayak for those looking to make their way out onto the water for the first time. It’s my opinion that in terms of value for money, you won’t find a better beginner fishing kayak on the market at this point in time. At just $150 you can be out on the water in safe and stylish fashion, but most of all, in comfort previously unheard of for the price point.

It’s worth mentioning that this kayak offers little for the experienced kayak fisher, with no dedicated holders for gear, and lacks the ability for you to sit side straddle or realistically stand upright for sighting targets.

However, that should not take away from what is an excellent product and ideal starter point for anyone looking to get out on open water, whether it’s to fish or just for personal enjoyment. Here you’ll find comfort in abundance, and easy of use that you don’t find elsewhere.

Perhaps the best feature is that all of this enjoyment can fit in the trunk of an average sized car is the icing on the cake. If you’re looking to get out there, then look no further than the Tahiti Fish/Hunt Kayak.

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