Sevylor Sit On Top Inflatable Kayak – 2018 Review

Sevylor Sit On Top Inflatable KayakRenowned for their inflatable kayaks, Sevylor could be on to another winner with their inflatable Sit On Top two-person kayak. Coming in at 13’ this spacious inflatable has more than enough room for two people to ride inside comfortably. With recessed compartments for your legs, with a multitude of footrest positions, and natural support given from the contained air, you can ride without aggravation for hours at a time. As well as recessed leg channels, there is a storage compartment at the nose of the kayak, covered by a secure cargo net. This allows any gear to be stored safely without risk of it drowning, and also provides a handy anchor for your paddle when you’re out on the water.

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Made from sturdy, heavy duty 25-gauge PVC. The material itself is incredibly durable, frequently lasting years before needing the odd patch here and there. Of course, this will vary from kayak to kayak, but with Sevylor’s AirTight guarantee, your kayak is guaranteed not to leak, and will be covered under warranty if it does. Also, double lock valves prevent any accidental air loss from each of the eight heavy-duty air chambers. The PVC material is some of the lightest on the market, but also has excellent tensile strength, meaning it has a maximum carry capacity of nearly 600lbs.

Specifications are all well and good, but does the Sevylor Sit-On-Top kayak deliver on it’s promises, or leave you wishing it was different?

Positives about the Sevylor Sit On Kayak

To begin with this kayak is a real winner when it comes to price and value for money. With a lot of sub $200 kayaks, you get what you pay for, which tends to be cheap and unreliable. Priced at a very reasonable $150, this kayak excels where the others fail, with exceptional build quality combining with the AirTight guarantee.

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The next real plus point, is the ease of use factor. As with all inflatables, portability and lightweight are the keys to a successful product. This kayak scores excellently on both these points, fitting in the trunk of a car with room to spare, and can be easily carried by just one person. The speed of inflation and deflation is mind blowing, going from empty to full then full to empty in just under two minutes each way. Partly as a result of the double lock valves preventing a sneaky getaway of air, that truly is a remarkable time.

The only other major benefit to this kayak over its competitors, is the stability and the handling. A common issue among inflatables is that it’s difficult to track them in a straight line. This kayak compensates for that by having skegs and both the nose and the tail end of the kayak, rather than just the tail end. This makes steering with two people in the kayak much more effective, and travelling in a straight line a thing of ease. The eight air chambers also go a great way to adding solid stabilization to the craft. Where it will struggle in the strong waves of the sea, this kayak can easily handle the waves sent at it but other possible water users at the time.

Finally, handy storage features such as the front compartment, as well as drinks holders by each seat add a nice finishing touch. The oars included are not of the best quality, but it does mean that you have everything that you lead bar life jackets, to get straight out on the water as soon as the kayak is delivered. All for a bargain $160, this kayak isn’t to be sniffed at.

Sevylor Sit On Kayak – Negatives

Unfortunately, there is not such thing as the perfect kayak, each one has their own minor faults here and there, but hopefully no major ones. Thankfully, there isn’t a great deal wrong with this effort from Sevylor. As seems to be standard, the supplied oars tend to be of fairly low quality, but this is easily rectified by buying some professional quality oars, but it would be good to have these from the off.

As well as oars, the kayak suffers from common ailments associated with inflatable vessels. This is that it handles very poorly if the wind gathers power; meaning paddling into a head wind is a fairly fruitless venture. Wind isn’t the only issue however, with this kayak also performing pretty sluggishly on choppy water. It’s unlikely to last long on open ocean waters, but being aimed primarily at lake users, this critique could be considered a little harsh.

Summary – Worth Buying the Sevylor Sit on Kayak?

To bring this review to a close, this kayak from Sevylor is a great entry level inflatable for those who want nothing more than to get out on the water. It’s a no nonsense job, that covers all of the desired areas. Stable, easy to operate and easy on the wallet, this kayak ticks all the boxes on a beginners list, and is especially suited to families. It’s size, weight and ease of use really make it the stand out kayak in its price range. With everything you need to get going right in the box, in many ways this purchase is a no brainer.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this kayak is not going to be for everyone. If you’re looking for something to take on fast flowing rivers, or to perhaps use as a fishing vessel, then this isn’t the kayak for you. It’s very basic, and is unlikely to hold up in rapid conditions, and simply doesn’t have the customization capacity or storage space to be a stand out fisher.

But, this kayak is aimed at the beginner, to fill the niche of the first kayak, before you progress on to something a little more advanced. It has to be said that this product fills that void almost perfectly, and has the capability to transform even the most timid kayaker into an enthusiast.

For that, Sevylor deserve commendation, and at just $160, there’s not better way to give them that, than purchasing this excellent kayak.

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