Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable KayakThe Sea Eagle SE370 is an all-purpose, inflatable sports kayak. Designed for one or two people, the SE370 has enjoyed unprecedented success in the USA, becoming the second most popular kayak across America. Weighing in at a mere 26lbs, this inflatable kayak is easy to transport and even easier to inflate. Equipped with five one-way valves to ensure air is kept inside, the sun and salt resistant material inflates with ease.

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The SE370 also offers a substantial amount of customization, through the add on packages that are sold along side it. The kayak ships with the choice of three different accessory packages, each of which includes seats, oars, a foot pump, carry bag and repair kit. However, there are subtle differences between the packs. The basic add on, is the Deluxe Package, which has two basic seats as well as what is mentioned above for $329. The next jump in price is for the Pro Package, which is identical to the previous pack, but comes with deluxe seats instead, and will set you back $379. The most expensive set is the QuickSail package, which gives you the option to add a sail to your kayak for extra speed, as well as including the deluxe seats, and weighs in at $529.

Sea Eagle SE370 Positives

There’s no denying that the SE370 is a fantastic piece of kit. It’s durability and maneuverability are at levels you would not expect to find in an inflatable kayak. It comes equipped with two skegs on the underside, meaning unlike the majority of inflatables it tracks in a straight line with consummate ease. Paddling is also a lot less labor intensive, making it a good fit for the less physically fit or the elderly. Ease of movement is also helped by the ability to add a sail through the QuickSail package, and the fact that the craft weighs in at a measly 26lbs.

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The fact that this kayak weighs so little means that just one person, rather than the multiple people can also operate it. Each of the inflatable seats is removable, making more space for equipment if you’re out on a solo voyage. The craft can withhold up to 500lbs in weight so there’s plenty of leeway for all of your gear.

The SE370 also offers incredible amounts of versatility. The craft is constructed from an extra thick and durable polykrylar hull. It’s this hull that allows for the SE370 to fulfill so many roles. It succeeds where other kayaks fail, as it’s strong enough to withstand open ocean and whitewater rapids. It truly is an all purpose kayak, moving smoothly and quietly with minimal effort on open water, arguably making it an excellent choice as a fishing vessel. Combine that with the sail, and you can cover large distances in relatively little time, when compared with other kayaks in it’s class.

The SE370 finds the perfect balance between tensile strength and durability. The strength in turn breeds stability. The SE370 is designed with I beam construction to add lateral stability and increase the comfort of the outing. It also makes the kayak very difficult to capsize, especially when combined with the natural buoyancy that inflation brings.

Negatives of the Sea Eagle SE370

With a product as soundly constructed as the SE370, it’s hard to take away too many negatives. Some issues that can be raised however, are the lack of support that even the deluxe seats provide. As well as the lack of support, there are no footrests or thigh braces, meaning it’s hard to generate a lot of power in your paddle strokes, which translates to a lack of speed. To put it simply, you wont be winning any races in the SE370. It doesn’t help that the paddles have been known to bend out of place with power usage, so it may be worth investing in some more.

The main drawback with the SE370 is the price. Even for the basic package at $329, it’s still a considerable amount more than other kayaks in its class, for example you can pick up the Intex Explorer K2 inflatable for under $120 and comes with all the accessories you need. The pricing increments are particularly confusing, considering little actually differs between them.

Summary – Should you buy the Sea Eagle SE370?

To conclude, you can do a lot worse than the SE370. If you’re looking for a top quality inflatable then look no further, it out classes the competition with its customizability, build quality and multi-purpose design. Its dual skeg system enables you to glide across almost any water with minimal effort and grace, making it a great first kayak, or recreational kayak for the less physically able.

However, as good as the SE370 is, you definitely pay the price. Compared to other inflatable kayaks, this product is very expensive, and if you want all the features possible, you’ll be paying upwards of $500. For that kind of money you can get a decent racing kayak, fishing kayak, or white water kayak depending on your desired use. What you pay for with the SE370, is definitely the convenience. It’s easy to transport, quick to inflate and you can stuff it back in a back when you’re done. With a dedicated use kayak, you’ll have to fasten it to a roof rack for transport, so you’ll need a good sized vehicle, then you’ll need to rig it on arrival, which all takes time and practice.

All in all, for the every day person looking to invest in a good kayak they can use for different activities, the SE370 is the one for you. Our recommendation is to go for the Pro Package, at $379, unless you are particularly looking for the sail function.

The added comfort of the deluxe seats compared to the standard is worth the extra $50, and will make sure your outings are as relaxing as possible.

Special Sea Eagle Bundle

If you are just starting out with Kayaking, then you will need a few essentials. We’ve built this bundle, including the great Sea Eagle SE370 Kayak with pump and oars and a couple of life jackets. Don’t worry – if you need to change any items, you can do that easily once you add them to your cart.

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