Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Fishing Kayak

old town vapor 10 angler kayakOld Town look to bring you a 10’ recreational fishing kayak in the package of the Vapor 10 Angler.

Designed to introduce those who are uneasy and nervous about taking up kayak fishing, the Vapor 10 Angler looks to bring increased stability, comfort and versatility to the fishing kayak market. However, in a market where every product looks to advertise its stability and immunity to capsize, does the Vapor 10 deliver on its promise, or will it leave you low and wet rather than high and dry?

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Constructed from UV strengthened polyethylene, the Vapor 10 Angler boasts a roomy open-top cockpit that is easy to get in and out of, and comes equipped with a molded in cockpit tray and cup holder. Behind the adjustable comfort flex seat, are two flush mounted rod holders, keeping your gear within arms reach, which is essential for a successful kayak fishing trip. Combine these features with the built in thigh pads, adjustable foot braces and paddle holder, and you have everything you need for a comfortable ride. Drainage plugs over the cockpit ensure you stay out of the water that may come in from paddling, and a molded well in the stern of the kayak provides ample storage space for your fishing gear. On paper, the Vapor 10 Angler looks like a winner, but how does it fair out on the water?

Positives about the Vapor 10 Kayak

The Vapor 10 has a lot to offer the kayak fishing newbie. It’s lightweight design makes for easy tracking and great maneuverability, as well as easy transport to and from the waters edge. Two carry handles on the side of the kayak make it easy to move with just one person, and weighing just 44lbs, it’s not an arduous lift.

Click Here to See The Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak on Amazon.com

The main perk of the Vapor 10, is the level of comfort that it provides. When you’re on the water for long periods of time, comfort is paramount; the last thing you want is to get a numb backside. The Vapor 10 really excels in this area, with adjustable seats and foot straps, as well as solid cushion for your rear and thighs. Because of the stability the Vapor 10 offers, its also completely safe to stretch out of the foot straps and rest your feet on the top of the craft. This space to recline can make all the difference. This wouldn’t be possible without the open-air cockpit, which goes a long way to relaxing you, as you avoid the sometimes claustrophobic interior of closed top kayaks.

Intuitive design ideas are ever-present in the Vapor 10. A molded in paddle holder and the front of the boat, combined with an anchor just behind the rod holders, enables you to completely relax and fish with two hands without the worry of drifting down stream. The built in cup holder can also be an excellent storage point for baits and lures, that would otherwise be lacking.

With recreation in the name, you don’t expect to be struggling to move the kayak, turn or stay upright. On all of these, the Vapor 10 truly delivers. The precision-engineered streamline hull glides over the surface of the water with minimal effort. Where it really comes into its own, is the ease in which it turns. Even the most amateur of kayakers, or the less physically fit, will be able to turn the Vapor 10 without too much effort. With the anchor to hand and a handy paddle holder, it’s also safe and easy to take a break if it becomes too much.

Does the Vapor 10 have any negatives?

Where the list of plus points for the Vapor 10 is extensive, no product is truly without flaws. In the case of the Vapor 10, my main sticking point is the price. Coming it at around $500, the Vapor 10 is very basic in comparison with other kayaks in its class. For the same price, you can pick up a Lifetime Sport Fishing kayak, completed with oars, that is regarded as ‘the ultimate fishing kayak’. As the Vapor 10 offers little in the way of included accessories, it may be worth looking to pick it up at a price more around the $400 mark.

Furthermore, the Vapor 10 is designed to carry only one person. Where this is arguably a plus point as you have more space, it lacks the stability for you to stand up and sight fish with confidence that you aren’t going to end up in the drink.

Lastly, because of its lightweight chassis, weighing only 44lbs, you may come across some trouble when you’re paddling into a headwind. The wind is likely to cause you to track from side to side, and you’ll find it difficult to build up any real speed in the Vapor 10. It is slightly harsh to criticize the Vapor 10 for this, as it is advertised as a recreational kayak, but it’s still a little frustrating.

Summary – Should you buy this kayak?

The Vapor 10 advertises it’s self as a recreational fishing kayak, and it does exactly as it says on the box. This kayak is an excellent choice for those looking to get into the sport, or looking for a relaxing way to get onto the water. For the uneasy and nervous, this kayak is a no brainer, with great stability and convenient functionality throughout the design.

However, the price of the Vapor 10 is likely to leave a sour test in the mouth. For what you get with it, and the lack of customizability, the asking price of roughly $500 is more than a little steep. Be sensible with your purchase, if you don’t need any extra functionality then this could be your ideal kayak. But, bare in mind for the same money, you can pick up an alternative model that may be a better investment long term for a very similar price.

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