Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review

Last Updated: 10th April 2017

The Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak is advertised as the ‘ultimate fishing kayak’. A bold statement, but it appears that it has earned that status, with the majority owners being very satisfied with their purchase, fetching just one solitary one star review on Amazon. So what makes this kayak the ultimate for anglers? What makes it so special?

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher comes bundle with seat rests and paddles at no extra cost, leaving you with room to fork more of your hard earned dollars on rods and baits for the next fishing excursion. Equipped with four rod holders, as well as clips for paddles and room for storing bait and line, the Lifetime Sport Fisher looks to address all of the necessary accessory needs. The 10” fisher has a sturdy and balanced design, with enough room to take one or two fishing buddies out on the water with you, as well as being light enough for single use. With shock cord straps, there is enough space to safely fasten extra nets and the like to the exterior of the boat.

The cockpit raises you out of the top of the kayak, leaving your feet in designated channels for footrests, meaning you have support available regardless of your height. Being raised off the surface of the kayak also stops you sitting in a puddle of water, with only your legs getting wet and drainage holes in each of the foot wells. It’s all sounding good, but does the Lifetime Sport Fisher really deliver on its promise of the ultimate fishing kayak?

Important Information – Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Length120" (304.8 cm)
Width36" (91.4 cm)
Maximum Weight Capacity500 lb. (226.8 kg)
Draft6" (15.2 cm)
Weight60 lb. (27 kg)
Hull MaterialRoto-Molded Polyethylene
Paddle Length86.6" (220 cm)
Paddle MaterialsMolded Polymer and Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Paddle MaterialsABS and Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Warranty5-Year Limited

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak – Positives

There are many features that set the Lifetime Sport Fisher apart from the pack. For a start, it’s design is sturdy and steady. With an intelligently shaped hull, the vessel tracks easily, and offers an excellent base to stand up on when sight fishing. There’s also ample space for multiple fishermen, and more than enough support to be able to sit side straddle while fishing, without having to worry about tipping the kayak. With dedicated water-tight storage compartments for your gear, as well as four pole holders and shock ropes for strapping more gear to the exterior, the Lifetime Sport Fisher seems to tick all the boxes on the fishing front.

Another plus, is that apart from the fishing poles themselves, the Lifetime Sport Fisher comes with everything you need to get started. Paddles and back rests for additional comfort come included, meaning you can take the kayak straight to the water from delivery. Because of its relatively low weight and carry handles, transport is easy, and there is the option of adding on a trolling motor for the rare occasion paddling becomes too laborious.

The kayak design accounts for more than just accessories and fishing poles. Intuitive design perks such as a raised seat to keep you dry when paddling and cleverly placed drainage plugs are a welcome addition. It’s this attention to detail that really transforms what could be an average fishing kayak into an excellent one.

The final point to touch on here is the price. At around $500, depending on where you buy from, the Lifetime Sport Fisher is relatively cheap compared to its competitors. If it guarantees you one thing, it’s value for money and longevity. Kayak fishing can be an expensive hobby, when you account for rods, bait, gear, licenses and fuel costs; a reasonably priced kayak is a welcome treat. With the majority of extras included, you’ll be hard pressed to find a kayak that will make your money go further.

Negatives of the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Despite the extensive list of positives, the Lifetime Sport Fisher is not without fault. For a start, where it may seem a minor point, the olive green color could prove a safety issue, as it blends with the water and vegetation, which may make you hard to see to other water users. Where the kayak is sturdy, it’s unlikely to withstand and head on collision with a larger boat.

Additionally, the designers missed a trick by not including cushioned seats. The kayak is comfortable to use, but whether that comfort will remain on a plastic seat for 6-hour outings at a time remains to be seen.

Finally, due to its length and lightweight design, the kayak does not fair so well in windy conditions. As well as tracking issues in adverse weather, because the kayak is relatively short, it’s hard to get any real speed going, which is fine for recreational users, until you’re asked to paddle into a head wind. Perhaps by extending the kayak to 12’ rather than the current 10’, this could have been compensated for.

Summary – Should you buy the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak?

To some up the Lifetime Sport Fisher, it’s very close to being the ultimate fishing kayak, but it just falls short due to some unfortunate compromises in design. It has achieved its aim of becoming lightweight, easily transported and accessible, but each of these features has come at a cost, meaning that in less than favorable conditions, navigation and maneuverability take an unfortunate hit.

But having said that, considering the pleasing price point, and sheer scope of accessories that can be attached to the hull with very little effort, the Lifetime Sport Fisher is still excellent value for money, and comes highly recommended from its user base. If you’re happy moving at a restricted pace, and don’t mind battling against the wind when conditions are poor, then this is definitely the kayak for you. With space for three people on board, it’s superb for families and friends, and is more than stable. It’s built to last, and will serve you well for many outings.

Combine this with the ample space for all your gear while still remaining uncluttered, this is as close to ultimate as your going to come at a reasonable price.

  • Design
  • Value
  • Quality

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