Here at Drakkar Kayaks, we have a vision. This website was compiled and collated to provide a one stop location where you could find everything you needed to know when it comes to making an informed purchase of a good quality kayak. We’ve reviewed countless kayaks, given immeasurable amounts of advice, but until now, it’s all been about the kayaks themselves.

What about when you’ve paid for and received your new toy? We’ve noticed that after purchasing our advice and guidance goes from awesome to zilch, so today we are addressing that. In this article, you’ll find some great information on kayak accessories, particularly paddles and for the anglers amongst you, some great fishing add ons for your favorite kayaks.

As always, the upcoming featured products come with Drakkar Kayaks’s coveted seal of approval, as well as coming from numerous price brackets, from budget, to intermediate, to pro level. Join us after the jump for all the hints and tips you could ever wish for.

Choosing the Right Paddle

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that the majority of the negatives I point out in kayak reviews, is that the included paddles are utter rubbish. There have been a couple of exceptions in the general bundled accessories front, but never when it comes to the paddle.

In fact, they are so bad, that they should knock money off the price for having paddles included. You might be thinking my loathing is a little strong, but I’ll have you know that it is completely justified, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Thousands of users have reported that the included paddles have snapped, bent, or been shipped damaged. What manufacturers don’t seem to realize is that poor quality paddles aren’t just an annoyance, they are actually dangerous.

If you’re on a trip in a large lake or even the sea, if your paddle snaps when you’re in the middle of the water it’s going to be very difficult to get back and very easy to become stranded. Because of all of the above reasons, buying a good quality paddle is key to kayaking success, and as such, we’ve listed the top contenders below and the reasons behind our choices.

LifeTime Kayak Youth Paddle Blade with Shaft

LifeTime Kayak Youth Paddle Blade with Shaft

Where LifeTime haven’t quit nailed the art of giving their paddle a catchy name, they have nailed the paddle itself. Where this is definitely one for children only, it’s a good place to start. Designed to be the perfect introductory paddle, this won’t be winning many points for longevity, but it does score really well in functionality, looks and ergonomics.

Constructed sheerly from aluminium, the shaft is incredibly strong yet very lightweight. At 72 inches long, this paddle is the perfect size for children and early teens, and packs a punch per pulling stroke. Handy molded plastic channels on the blades help them enter the water with minimal resistant, and give traction to your paddle strokes where it’s needed the most. Compare this to the flat panel your ‘shipped with’ paddle has, and you can already see the difference in quality.

Available in two color variations, black, or black and yellow, you’ll be able to easily spot your child out on the water, as well as the paddle being garish enough for the kids to think it’s cool. Also, at just $35, its great value.

Upping the performance of your new kayak, lasting longer and adding minimal amounts to your budget, the LifeTime Kayak Youth Paddle is an all-round winner if your buying for the younger generation.

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle with Rounded Blade

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle with Rounded Blade
If we did a editor’s choice award here at Drakkar Kayaks, then this paddle would certainly win it. In fact, we now do an editor’s choice award, and you guessed it, this paddle just won it. You may remember this paddle from other articles around the site, the fact that it features more than once shows you how strongly we recommend this. In short, there’s a reason this is the number one selling product in Kayak Paddles on Amazon.

It brings together all the aspects you could wish for in a kayak, price, design and function. Firstly, the price needs mentioning first, Shoreline must be mental for selling this product this cheaply, it’s just $37. An absolute bargain.

For this measly $37 you will get yourself a paddle with drip guards to help keep you as dry as possible; three customisable operating positions to closely match your paddle style; easy transportation thanks to it easily disassembling into two pieces; foam grips for comfort and a blade so ingeniously contoured it adds extra propelling power per stroke. What more could you possibly need?

Don’t just take my word for it, take the world’s glorious reception of it. If you’re looking for a real cheap winner, then this is the paddle for you, don’t even hesitate.

Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle

Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle
First things first, LifeTime take note, ‘Seawhisper’ is a great name for a kayak paddle! Not only have Seattle Sports got the naming right, they’ve got everything else to go with it. The Seawhisper is a top end kayak paddle offering solidarity combined with eye catching design, meaning this paddle should be on any keen kayaker’s shopping list. This paddle has the complete package, strength, beauty, ergonomics, you name it, this paddle has it spot on.

Constructed from a light weight carbon shaft, this paddle is one of the lightest on the market. Carbon has the unique property of being incredibly strong while remaining very light, making it ideal kayak and paddle material.

The lightweight form means that anyone can use this paddle, regardless of strength, and you are going to tire a lot slower out on the water than if you were using a heavier paddle such as the cheaper models made from rubber like plastic. There are also things present that other paddle makers have overlooked, for example, the Seawhisper has quick adjust cam ferrule for changing the length of your paddle as well as a handy integrated leash loop so the paddle is attached in case you lose your grip.

The icing on the cake however, are the blades. The Seawhisper features Seattle Sports signature DorselBlades. These are made entirely from super-strong impact resistant glass-reinforced nylon for the best functionality.

They’ll glide through the water with ease, while adding power and purpose to your strokes. Clad in a high visibility and rather striking green, this paddle also looks the part. It really has everything you could need, and at under $100, it shouldn’t be dismissed easily!

Kayak Fishing Accessories

So now you should have the basics to get out on the water, it’s time to find your kayak niche. One of the most popular genres of kayaking is of course, kayak fishing. Seeming as we’ve covered the basics already, giving you all the information about which kayak and which paddle to choose you should be all set to get out on the water. For kayak fishing though, it’s good to have some extra accessories that you may not have thought you needed.

Obviously fishing kayaking requires a lot more gear, you’ve got line, tackle, hooks and of course the rod itself. With an overwhelming abundance of material already on the internet about fishing gears positives and negatives, this is the type of equipment I’m going to avoid writing about. However, what I will focus on are the accessories for your kayak to do with fishing, rather than the actual fishing gear itself. If you’re keeping up so far, you’re doing well, so we should get started.

Scotty Paddle Clip

Scotty Paddle Clip
When you’re out fishing, it’s important to have your hands free. You’ve got a lot of fiddling preparation to do before casting your line, including choosing the right bait, attaching the tackle, then launching your line. Then of course, if you’re lucky enough to reel it in, you’ve got even more to juggle.

From my own experiences, it’s really difficult to do all of this with your paddle laid across your lap. As a result of this, one of the most underrated kayak fishing accessories is a paddle clip.
Take the Scotty Paddle Clip for example – an absolute steal at a couple of cents over $10. This stylish paddle clip screws directly into the side of your kayak, offering a secure storage point for you paddle once you settle down to some real fishing.

With a low profile, simple yet effective design offering a strong and secure hold, you can’t go wrong with a Scotty Paddle Clip. There are also cheaper models, by a few dollars, but they don’t offer as much support, and their gripping systems are more prone to snapping that this excellent offering from Scotty. This clip is well and truly essential.

Dry Pak DP-46 Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Dry Pak DP-46 Waterproof Cell Phone Case
We’ve always adopted a safe approach to kayaking here at Drakkar Kayaks. When you’re out on the water danger is never too far away, whether it be from a riptide or a sharknado, when you’re out on the water you are naturally at risk. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to take you’re cell phone with you, just incase you need to make that call to the coastguard rather than taking the old fashion approach of launching a flare. With modern cell phones capable of giving you precise GPS coordinates, they can be a real lifesaver.

Unfortunately, modern cellphones aren’t great at giving you coordinates when they are soaked through, and have all of their circuits fried. With no handy bucket of rice to dry them out in, if your cellphone gets wet out on the waves then I’m afraid it’s a goner. Enter the Dry Pak DP-46 Waterproof casing. Not only is this case naturally buoyant, so if your phone goes overboard it’s not going to be resting with Davey Jones at the bottom of the ocean, it’s also 100% waterproof.

With other handy features such as being able to operate your touchscreen though the clear front lining, padding to avoid drinks and scratches, and an adjustable lanyard to keep it secure around your neck, this case really is a no brainer. Oh, and did I mention is only $11? Well and truly essential.

KWIK TEK A-2 Complete Folding Anchor System

KWIK TEK A-2 Complete Folding Anchor System
The last accessory you’re going to need to get out fishing is an anchor. Why all fishing kayaks don’t come equipped with an anchor is beyond me, as if you’re fishing where there’s any kind of current they are absolutely essential. There’s nothing worse than paddling out to the best fishing spots only to find you’ve drifted 100 metres away from it while you were getting you rod in order.

By having an anchor equipped to your kayak, you can sit back and relax, patiently waiting for a bite, rather than constantly trying to paddle up for lost ground.

A superb anchor, in both quality and price, is the KWIK TEK A-2 Complete Folding Anchor System. Priced at just $30, it’s a great buy for any kayak angler than finds themselves drifting on open waters. The 3.3 pound four-fluke folding anchor will take a firm grip in mud, sand, gravel and rock.

It’s small enough to fit under most seats, or handy to have in a rucksack, it’s lightweight yet durable and you’ll wonder why you never had one before. It comes with a 25 foot long marine grade rope, giving some license to move but not enough to travel too far away from your desired fishing spot. As well as all of this, it comes with a nylon storage case which is padded to prevent damage on land.

If you’re not sold from that description, I don’t know what else to say because you really should be! If your a kayak angler, you need this!.

Over and Out

So that concludes the first batch of our accessories information. Feel free to explore the rest of the site, and be sure to check back soon for some updates. We hope you’ve found this information useful, if you have, feel free to share the love of Drakkar Kayaks across the kayaking community. Now stop reading and hit the water, adventure awaits!