Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review

Last Updated: 1st April 2017

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, is a two person inflatable kayak designed for recreational usage on lakes and mild rivers. Although, due to its high build quality, users have reported it’s success on rapids and stronger rivers.

With a striking yellow and streamline design, the Intex Explorer offers and safe to use, stylish, easy to use kayak that can be transported with ease.

The price of this kayak is what makes it such an exciting prospect for the beginner and intermediate paddler.

Everything to do with this kayak is designed for ease, with inflatable seats with adjustable backrests, and the inclusion of oars, a hand pump, Boston valves for quick inflation, grab lines, puncture repair kits and carrying duffel bag.

Designed for use straight out of the box, the Intex Explorer looks to introduce you to the world of kayak by emphasizing convenience and ease of use.

Made from SUPER-TOUGH™ 30-guage vinyl over a 1200 denier nylon shell with internal tubes, the explorer is built for durability. Stability is also addressed with inflatable I-Beam floors as well as removable skegs for enhanced directional stability.


The body comprises of two separate air chambers, so if a puncture occurs, it remains buoyant. These chambers are located in the floor and the main hull. A reinforced bottom that also increases the weight carrying capacity of the explorer protects the chamber in the floor.

Clearly designed with multiple users in mind, the explorer promotes kayaking as a relaxing recreational activity. But does it actually relax, or is it littered with niggles and faults that will drive the regular user crazy? During this review we will address the positives and negatives that come hand in hand with the Intex Explorer K2.

Important Information – Intex Challenger K2

Overall Length10.3ft (3.12m)
Overall Width3ft (91cm)
Maximum Weight400 lb (182 kg)
Certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association using ABYC standards.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Positives

There are a lot of positive associated with the Explorer K2. For a start, it comes with everything you need to get going, which is an excellent plus if this is your first kayak. With sturdy 84” aluminum oars, and quick to inflate Boston valves, you can be out on the water in not time at all. With it’s bright yellow design, safety is guaranteed.


The luminous color combined with the contrasting shades of the water makes you easy to spot from other boats on the water. Kayakers are usually easy to miss due to how low you are to the waters surface, so this hand design addition makes sure you remain safe during your outing. Its because of this that the Explorer K2 comes US Coast Guard approved, offering a little peace of mind for the worried parents out there.

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The Explorer K2 is refreshingly spacious for an inflatable kayak. Usually, inflatables focus solely on seating and not leaving much space for anything else. With the K2, you not only have enough space for two people to sit comfortably, there’s also space in the rear of the boat for any food, water, or extra equipment, giving the possibility of using the kayak for fishing.

Comfort was not compromised on either, with adjustable backrests for the seats giving extra support where it’s needed most. Also, as an inflatable kayak, the Explorer K2 is remarkably light, weighing just 30lbs. This means that when needed, it can be operated by just one person, meaning it can be taken on solo trips or when the kids give up paddling, you aren’t going to be left stranded in the middle of the lake.


Perhaps the biggest positive about the Explorer K2 though, is that it is an absolute bargain. Currently selling for under $120 dollars on Amazon, in terms of value for money, there isn’t a better kayak on the market.

If you are on a budget, this kayak is the perfect choice for you, leaving money left over to spend on accessories if needed. Considering that it works straight out of the box, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value kayak under $200.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Negatives

As with every product, there are a few niggles that come thrown in for free with the Explorer K2. The first of these is to do with the paddles. Seeming as the K2s marketing aims more towards the family audience than the bachelor, it’s surprising that the paddles are not adjustable. Measuring in at a sizable 84”, it can be difficult for children to get enough purchase on the paddle to be of any help when it comes to maneuvering.


The Explorer arguably compensates for this as can be operated by just one person, but it’s not as fun for your child. The plastic connectors for the oars are also prone to snapping, making storage less easy.

Secondly, a small design flaw is the black bottom of the boat. As black absorbs heat, on a sunny day the air in the kayak will expand, which means its prone to over inflation.

This can cause tears in the exterior, or slow punctures. Where the kayak comes with a repair kit, this is not ideal and could have been easily avoided by maintaining the yellow color scheme.

Conclusion – Should you buy the Intex K2?

All in all, the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is excellent value for money.

It excels in all the areas it was designed for, except a small flaw in the overheating of the inside. Where this is unlikely to cause you big problems, it is something to bare in mind.


It’s worth remembering that the Explorer K2 was designed to be cheap and cheerful, and in that respect it ticks all the right boxes. If you’re a family man on a budget then this is undoubtedly the kayak for you, you need look no further. Safe, reliable and sturdy, you can’t go wrong with the Explorer K2.

If however, you are looking to get a little more adventurous with your kayaking, with the view of tackling some rapids or the open ocean, it’s worth looking elsewhere, for a kayak less prone to slow punctures.

All in all, this is an excellent product, and customer satisfaction is reflected in the short reviews that can be found with the online retailers. Comfort, affordability and functionality are combined in a stylish and safe kayak, that is a close to perfect for amateur kayakers as you are going to get.

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